Mila emerges as a project that tries to bring unique flavors from Buenos Aires to the rest of the world.

The authentic taste of Argentina transferred directly to the family or friends table, where the organic, healthy, and delicious seem to have only one name: Neapolitan Milanese


Karen Krik

Pioneer and Developer / Chief Artisan

Karen always had shown passion for a healthy way of living and deep love and concern about nature. 


Originally formed as Environmental Engineer and after that she followed her passion, Cooking!!  Started to cook at home when she was about 8 years old,  in a kitchen with grandma and mom, full of love and a with a mix and blending of flavors and techniques.

Far away from her homeland she wants to revive that experience of delicious homemade food from her  roots that comforts your soul.


Mother of two, relentless believer, caring and passionate.  That passion could be translated in every single dish she makes, just from her heart to your home.  

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