neapolitan milaneses

A Temptation From Argentina... With Love

What Is A Neapoltian Milanese?

In spite of the name, a Neapolitan Milanese is 100% Argentinian. This delicious and unique dish was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, around 1930.

In one of the most emblematic dishes you can find in Argentina's gastronomy.

It starts with a grass-fed beef cutlet, breaded and fried. Is a layered swath of temptation.

First goes on slices of thin ham, tomato sauce, and of course topped with thick slices of Mozzarella. And the final touch... it's placed under the broiled until the cheese topping browns and bubbles.

The Neapolitan Milanese could be made of veal, chicken, or pork.

Now this exquisite dish could be part of your menu daily, order today! 

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